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Okay not really. but I'm alive and well, and just wanted to say I may be creating a sequel to madness zombification this year, I didn't do it last year because my laptop was stolen!!! its a maybe, but I'm feeling pretty good about it. also, the new layout is sexy! and every year on this day, revert to the old one!

Yeah, a preview of what I've done so far. for the sequel. so you know its going to look much better.


Your a vampire!

2010-11-02 05:02:27 by FeIix

So, Ever heard of one-eyed doll? awesome band, and they have an epic new song, You're a vampire! Listen to it, I even have a link to it on youtube. Here.


2010-09-22 18:38:01 by FeIix

I finally made it, under all confidentiality from you guys and gals at newgrounds. I'll say it first, its not great, but in my opinion, its not crap either, so sit back and enjoy.


Rambling of the insane.

2010-07-09 09:45:57 by FeIix

Heya all, Haven't done much here for a while, bUt I'm obviously updating. :D Ever heard of the band Oneeyeddoll? If not, search 'em on youtube and litsen to Brief candle and be my friend. They ROCK! but hilltop hoods is pretty cool as well.

So, I've started working on a video, Its called predator, and if all goes to plan might have a few more, who knows, but The no. 1 goal is for me to see if I can make a video in a week, with school in the way as well. e.e lets see how many ways this can Fail Miserably.

Anyway, i'm so bored, SO I'm gonna make some arms for my videos star, Predator. how creative of me.

P.s. Yah, he's a robot. NO I'm not basing it off predator at all.

no more bacon.

2010-04-01 23:30:57 by FeIix

ok, I just want to put out there this kevinbacon thing is reallly stupid, and annoying...


2010-03-09 03:23:48 by FeIix

hey guys, sup, umm I've been getting pretty slack with the RE collab, they say I have plenty of time but still, its only a small animation I'm doing and it feels like I'm letting them down. D: but anywho, I've been getting back in the groove of my tablet, this proves 2 things

1. more work on resident evil! O=
2. expect some art from me laterz, :D

yeah.. so.. I'll give you a pic of nemesis soon.. theres still something bout him, that feels.. lacking.. so I'm gonna redo him! :D

so laterz! ;)

sup peeps?

2010-02-21 02:02:47 by FeIix

sup guys, workin on a wittle collab, the resident evil 2 collab, just though I'd update you whith a pic of bits and bobs, enjoy!

sup peeps?


2010-02-15 05:11:16 by FeIix

hey I know noones reading this but WHO CARES anywho, working on a video its called umm.. I'm thinking.. noob slayer.. no.. to close to stickslayer.. uhh.. the.. um.. I'll think about it.. seriousky I just sat there for 5 minutes thinking bout it... anywho, later