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Rambling of the insane.

2010-07-09 09:45:57 by FeIix

Heya all, Haven't done much here for a while, bUt I'm obviously updating. :D Ever heard of the band Oneeyeddoll? If not, search 'em on youtube and litsen to Brief candle and be my friend. They ROCK! but hilltop hoods is pretty cool as well.

So, I've started working on a video, Its called predator, and if all goes to plan might have a few more, who knows, but The no. 1 goal is for me to see if I can make a video in a week, with school in the way as well. e.e lets see how many ways this can Fail Miserably.

Anyway, i'm so bored, SO I'm gonna make some arms for my videos star, Predator. how creative of me.

P.s. Yah, he's a robot. NO I'm not basing it off predator at all.


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